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5 things to look for in student accommodations

Going to a university and living on your own can be stressful. You are about to enter an entirely new chapter of your life on your own. One of the challenges that you might face is choosing a place to stay. This is a crucial decision as this can affect all aspects of your uni life. It is, sadly, more than just getting a cheap student accommodation and be done with it. To help you, here are 5 tips to consider when getting your place.

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Your budget

The very first thing to consider is your budget. Rent will be one of the biggest cuts in your budget so you have to make sure that the place’s price is within your means. As a result, before looking for affordable student accommodation, determine first your working budget. Allocate a certain portion of it for rent and give yourself a little wiggle room.

Make sure that this is sustainable, meaning this is an amount that you can comfortably part every month. Ask around locals or other students for recommendations. You can also find listings online such as message boards or social media pages.


Location is also a huge factor in choosing your accommodation. Ideally, you want a cheap student accommodation somewhere near your uni so it takes you less time to go to your classes. But sometimes this is not always the case. These places are usually the first ones to get booked.

The next best thing is looking somewhere a little farther. Just make sure that the place is near public transportation and major roads. Another thing to consider is that the place is near establishments such as stores, shops, and hospitals. This will make errands and doctor appointments less of a hassle.

Fixtures and other furnishings

So you found a cheap student accommodation that’s relatively near your uni. Next, you would want to check out the furnishings that come with it. Check the place out and take note of all the furniture and fixtures. Ask about their conditions, especially the using of bed and mattress.

Take note that even slightly damaged furniture can be dangerous. If it was advertised as student accommodation, make sure the place has a really good study desk and chair. Check out that it has adequate lighting and proper ventilation. Also, check for leaks on the piping.

Perks and freebies

Some Australia student housing providers can offer additional perks and freebies that come with the place. Things such as lounges, study areas or recreation rooms with free wifi. Therefore, talk to your prospect landlords and ask if they do have these added in. This may not affect your stay there but having these will make your stay better.

Moreover, ask the current tenants of what they think of these amenities. They are more likely to give unbiased opinions and insights regarding this matter.

Safety and security

Last but not least is security. As someone who will possibly be living on their own, security is one of your top priorities. Therefore, do a bit of research of the area. Is the neighbourhood relatively peaceful and safe? Are there adequate security measures put in place? Mention these concerns to your landlord so they can make suitable changes.

You also would want to know every measure against accidents such as fire or earthquakes. Check if they have adequate fire extinguishers, fire exits, and sprinkler systems.

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