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4 ways to find the best occupational physicians for your workforce

A worker gets injured on the job every seven seconds and over 4,500,000 workers get into job-related accidents every year. Workplace injuries don’t only happen to those working on site, they affect even those working in the office. This is why the need for occupational physicians has never been more important in maintaining the health and safety of your workforce.

However, how exactly do you find the best in a long list of available occupational physicians?

· Always look for qualification.

It’s not every day that you come across these medical practitioners since they are not as well known as a cardiologist or a surgeon. An occupational physician offers advise on the factors that affect a worker’s health and safety in the workplace. Occupational physicians are also experts on injury management and have other certifications that add to their expertise in their line of job. So when looking for an occupational physician, make sure to always look for those qualifications because while some doctors would claim to be experts, not all of them really has the necessary qualifications.

· Find someone who can communicate well.

Good communication is critical to becoming an effective occupational physician because he or she will need to coordinate with the worker, the employer, and the insurance company in providing the best health and safety services to a workforce. Open communication between workers and your occupational physician is also critical to identifying hazards in the workplace, offering effective diagnosis, and treatment options.

· Choose an occupational physician with the right facilities.

When looking for an occupational physician, you must always consider three things: care, consideration, and customization. A good workplace injury treatment clinic don’t only focus on offering a cure for a certain medical condition or injury, they also have the right facilities to promote preventative measures in the workplace. Your occupational physician should be able to provide a holistic approach to providing a safer and healthier workplace for you and your employees. He or she should be able to use different tools and provide medical requirements like respirator fit testing to serve employees better, promote a healthier lifestyle, and raise awareness about the different hazards in your workplace.

· Never settle for the first option you see.

Since workplace health and safety is a crucial factor in running your business, you should find the best person to help you promote this in your workplace. There are many doctors who claim that they are good at occupational health and safety, but you should only trust those who have the credibility to back up their claims. Good occupational physicians may not be easy to come by, but it’s worth taking your time to do some research and ask for recommendations if it means finding the best professional to be part of your team.

At the end of the day, it’s very important to remember that your workers are the foundation of your business. So, it’s only fitting that you do everything to keep them healthy and safe while in the line of work. Healthy and happy workers also translate to huge savings because you get to avoid lost production days and huge insurance costs. If you happen to be looking for a workplace injury treatment clinic Hamilton wide, check out what can do for you.